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Overview of terms used

Flow of experience
The flow of experience is the totality of impressions that occur to me at a moment (7.1)

Experience space
The whole of all possible impressions I call my experience space (7.2.1)

A pattern P is a limited collection of areas in the experience space that present themselves to me as cohesive (7.4.1)

Congruent patterns
Two patterns are congruent if I experience them as equal or similar (7.5.1)

All patterns that occurred to me in the past and are mutually congruent formed a type (7.6.1)

A 'concept' C is a dynamic collection of different types which are connected in the mind (7.7.1)

If in any way a type appears in the mind, I say it is being actualised (8.1.1) 

The concept that, as a result realising, emerges in the mind, I call realized (8.1.2)

Discrete concepts
Every concept is discrete: separate and distinguishable from any other concept (9.1.1)

Power of a concept
A concept has more power as the concept has a greater chance of being realized, independently of accidental actualising of its constituent types (9.2.5)

Lifespan of a concept
The lifespan of a concept is the period between the origin of the concept and the decrease of its power to zero or to almost zero (9.3.1)

Sharpness of a concept
A concept C1 is sharper than concept C2 if C1 has fewer types than C2 in common with any other concept (9.4.1)

Concept development
Strengthening, adaptation and creation of concepts (11.4.2)

Convergence concepts
If two people share many common experiences, some of their concepts will become more similar over time. Those concepts will converge (13.6.2)

Complete realizor
A type that leads to an unambiguous realization of a certain concept in the event of actualization is a complete realizer of that concept (14.2.3)

Meaning of a name
The meaning of a name is the concept to which it belongs (14.2.7)

A name is a random, man-made series of sounds which is bound to a human concept (14.3.1)

Thinking is a conscious inner process consisting of a sequence of congruent concepts that are realized chain-wise (15.3.1)

My world view is the open dynamic collection of all my concepts (15.4.1)

Communication between two parties is a sequence of mutual utterances in which both parties think they understand each other (15.8.1)